What many would call willful upheaval and some would call madness, I have come to fondly refer to as my life.



A Brief History

10 years ago, on an unseasonably warm January day in Phoenix, I ran a marathon.

In addition to challenging a long-held belief about myself - I am not a runner - that marathon kicked off a decade of what many would call willful upheaval, some would call madness, and I have come to simply refer to as my life.

This blog is composed of the stories of that time:

-lessons I gained from living in two different countries and eight different cities, from moving 15 times, and from completing more than 118 days of personal development,

-how to and how not-to (equally important) guides related to buying two houses, starting businesses, traveling the world without being independently wealthy, writing professionally, and grammar,

-insights into the painful and beautiful transitions of going from an independent, no-strings-attached wanderer to wife and dog-servant and mother,

-observations of the world that swing from amused to outraged to ponderous to curious,

-letters to my daughter,

-reflections on inappropriate jokes, narwhales, ex-boyfriends, the power of words, cannonballs, happiness, poetry, motherhood, marriage, and moreā€¦

So, welcome to my site, probably visited most often by myself and my mom.