Welcome to my site, probably visited most often by myself (Hi J.Lee!). If you don't know actually know me and you got lost in some internet time space warp and stumbled upon my site, I'll tell you a bit about myself, so we can maybe be friends.

The basics: I'm a wife, writer, grad school student, and owner of a crazed pup named Queen Maeve.

I'm an incurable food creep, like a complete stalker of anything edible. 

I love to read. I'm a self-proclaimed book nerd.

(Why must it always be"football STAR" and "book NERD?" From now on, I'm going to be a Book STAR!)

I like to write.

Sometimes I even enjoy reading things I've written.

I like to travel more than I like to be at home.  

I believe in parking faeries, narwhales and the general goodness of people.

Is it too soon to talk about food again? 'Cause...CAKE.

If you came here to read stuff I've written or blogs by much better writers than me who let me post their stuff on the site, hit up the Blog button in the header. If you like quotes, you should visit the Quote page. You can see I've tried to make the site navigation really tricky, but you're so smart you'll probably figure it out.

If you've realized you probably have something better to be doing than reading stuff on the interwebs, may I offer some suggestions for fun alternatives? Go outside. Starfish in the lawn (face up, preferably). Maybe tuck a piece of grass in your teeth a la Huck Finn or lick some fresh snow. I'll be here when you're done eating nature.