Gypsy Soul. Travel Hound. Word Wielder. Wife. Mama.
Inappropriate Joke Maker. Exercise Junkie. Food Lover. Dog Servant.
Wino. Wildling.



A Brief History

10 years ago, on an unseasonably warm January day in Phoenix, I ran a marathon.

In addition to challenging a long-held belief about myself - I am not a runner - that marathon kicked off a decade of what many would call willful upheaval, some would call madness, and I have come to simply refer to as my life.

Since then, I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon, Dublin, Ireland, Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler, Arizona, Austin, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, and finally, Fort Collins, Colorado (home base into a lengthy future…probably/maybe). I’ve married, finished grad school, carried and birthed a child, and -unthinkably to those who know me best - become a dog owner. I’ve done things I said I’ve never do. I’ve said things some people only think. I’ve thought about doing and saying alternately much less or much more and probably should have.

This blog is composed of the stories of the last decade:

-lessons I gained from living in two different countries and eight different cities, from moving 15 times, and from completing more than 118 days of personal development,

-how to and how not-to (equally important) guides related to buying two houses, starting businesses, traveling the world without being independently wealthy, writing professionally, and grammar,

-insights into the painful and beautiful transitions of going from an independent, no-strings-attached wanderer to wife and dog-servant and mother,

-observations of the world that swing from amused to outraged to ponderous to curious,

-letters to my daughter,

-reflections on inappropriate jokes, narwhales, ex-boyfriends, the power of words, cannonballs, happiness, poetry, motherhood, marriage, and more…

So, welcome to my site, probably visited most often by me and my mom.