A Collection of Quotes

"You've got to be crazy, you've got to...cuz madness is the only way I've stayed alive...you've got to be crazy, it's too late to be sane...Cuz you're only given a little spark of madness, and if you lose that, you're nothing. Don't, from me to you, don't ever lose that cuz it keeps you alive."

-Robin Williams

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”

-Lao Tzu

"Everyone has his superstitions. One of mine has always been when I started to go anywhere, or to do anything, never to turn back or to stop until the thing intended was accomplished."

-Ulysses S. Grant

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought they seldom use."



"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually who are you not to be?"


"Let us never negotiate out of fear."

-John F. Kennedy

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

-Reggie Leach

"The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people more strongly than even the final surrender."

-Emil Ludwig


"Like mini daggers to happiness, these so-called obligations. The thing we should feel obligated to do is live life until we die trying. If we don't own our time, who will?"

"If you got nuttin, baby boy, you betta git up, git out and git somethin."

-Amil, "Can I Get A"

“May our last kisses be many years from now and taste of one another’s lips.”

"When you feel the world is crashing,

all around your feet,

come now running headlong into my arms


I'll never judge you, I can only love you

come now running headlong into my arms."

-Better than Ezra


"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they are supposed to run wild until they find someone-- just as wild-- to run with."


"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, would you capture it? Or, just let it slip?"


“For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?”

-James Allen

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind."


"Poetry is a sort of homecoming."

-Paul Celan


"My love as deep; the more I give to thee / The more I have, for both are infinite."

-Juliet in Romeo & Juliet by Shakesspeare


"The change one's life:

Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly!"


“I've been making a list of the things they don't teach you at school. They don't teach you how to love somebody. They don't teach you how to be famous. They don't teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don't teach you how to walk away from someone you don't love any longer. They don't teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind. They don't teach you what to say to someone who's dying. They don't teach you anything worth knowing.” 
― Neil Gaiman (my favorite author), The Sandman, Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones